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Messingham Farm Nursery

68 High Street, Messingham,
Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire,
DN17 3NT

Tel: 01724 487522

Duck Eggs

Our duck eggs at nursery are doing very well!

We have been learning about the life cycle of a duck and we are in the process of getting a house ready for our ducks hatching and getting a little bigger!

We already have 4 ducks at nursery that play in the garden with us. We help to take care of the ducks by giving them food and water, they also like water to play in. They are a little bit quackers at times and they make us all laugh!

We are very excited for our duck eggs to hatch! Its a shame we cannot keep all of the ducklings though! If you would like a ducking once they have hatched and are ready to leave the heat lamp please come and see us, we can give you advice on housing, feeding and taking general care of the duckling/duck.

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