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Scunthorpe Nursery

62 Old Brumby Street,
Old Brumby, Scunthorpe,
North Lincolnshire, DN16 2AW

Tel: 01724 330009

Wise Owl Scunthorpe Daily Routine

Each day the children at Wise Owl have a structured routine, which helps children to gage time passing so they know when to expect Mummy or Daddy to come and collect them. It also helps prepare them for school as your child will be used to follow an organised daily routine there.

7.30am Breakfast club children to have breakfast in the out of school club.
7.30am Children start to arrive at nursery.  There will be a range of activities floor and table top set out for the children to explore and play. The children are free to choose which activities they would like to play with. 
7.30am  Children will be registered when entering room. Any children requiring breakfast will sit down to eat at the table supervised by our carers.
9.00am Wake ‘n’ shake.
9.30am We will have a group time either singing/stories or group discussions. Please see daily planning board for information.
9.45am SNACK TIME: The children are helped to use the toilet and wash hands then sit at the tables for snack time. The babies’ nappy will be changed before snack.
10.00 – 10.45am Children will be encouraged to take part in outdoor activities including walks around the area and to the park when staff ratios allow. Observations will take place between these times. Together time with key worker.
10.45 – 11.30am Supervised activities and free choice play.  Activities to include painting, baking, sand and water play.  Please see planning board for daily activities. Observations will take place between these times. Together time with key worker.
11.30 – 11.45pm Tidy up time.  Older children help to set the tables for lunch.  We will have a circle time/ short group time before washing our hands for lunch. The babies’ nappies will be changed before lunch.
12.00pm LUNCH TIME: See menu board for daily meal selection.
12.30pm Children that require sleep will be helped into their beds and other children will have a rest/quiet time listening to music or story CD's then will be offered a selection of activities including puzzles. Observations will take place between these times.
2.00pm Children that are awake can have supervised play outside choosing the toys they want to play with. Together Time with key worker. Supervised activities and free choice play.
2.30pm Afterschool club children to be picked up and taken to club where they will have their snack. In the baby room nappies will be changed before snack.
3.00 – 3.30pm Children will wash hands and join in a circle time/ group time before sitting down for tea.
3.30 – 4.00pm TEA TIME:  See menus opposite room.
4.00 – 5.45pm Supervised free play.  Children start to go home.
5.45 -6.00pm Tidy up time and stories for the children that are left.
6.00pm Nursery close.
Set up the room for tomorrow.