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COVID 19 Reopening

Re-Opening Of Wise Owl

Do I want my child attending in June

We understand your anxieties about your children returning to Nursery, however it is very important that your child, if possible returns to nursery.  It is hugely beneficial for the social and emotional well being of children to try and get back to nursery life.  Additionally, there seems to be much research showing that very few children suffer with symptoms of Covid 19 and they don’t appear to be super spreaders.

Saying that, we do completely understand if you simply feel you are unable to send your child to nursery, in which case, your child’s place will remain open with us and you will not be charged for any time until you decide to return them to our care.

Over the last 6 weeks staff have been having intensive training on outdoor learning as this is something we wanted to heavily focus upon, irrelevant of Covid 19.
Research has shown that there are HUGE benefits to learning outdoors, especially for young children.  They will be learning exactly the same skills in the 7 areas of learning, just in a different and more exciting way!  Please keep an eye on your child’s learning journey on Famly going forward and you will see the amazing things they will be getting up to – all in the fantastic outdoors!

If you want your child to return to nursery from the 1st June, you must fill the form below. It’ll only take 30 seconds, and will allow us opportunity to properly prepare for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.